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12 aprile 2013

To hell with privacy!

I don't lose time any more searching for something, nor offline or online.

When I wake up in the morning I open Facebook and I see which friend I'm gonna meet during lunch time.
When I arrive in my office, I use to check which news there are in the thematic groups I follow on LinkedIn. Usually they arrive directly on my laptop, even during business meeting, so I'm always the more "updated specialist" in the team.
Before lunch time I receive an e-mail from Groupon with the best offers for restaurants within 5 minutes walking from my office, and thanks to Foursquare and Banjo me and my friend meet exactly in the same place at the same time.
Before to come back in the office, I receive a bonus offer on my smartphone: 2 free cinema tickets offered from a brand that I follow on Twitter. Just in time to invite my friend to have an aperitif in the evening and then go together at the cinema.
The afternoon in the office passes in a great way, thanks to some successful ideas that I have, inspired by really pertinent Pinterest and SlideShares updates showed in my browser.
Google Now tells me that the metro is going to close for a strike, so I leave the office few minute before usually, just to catch the last train and be in time for the aperitif.
During the aperitif IMDb App suggests me which movie to see in the multiplex cinema where we're going. The movie is great and I go back at home happy and relaxed, thanking IMDb and Google and SlideShare and Pinterest and Twitter and Banjo and Foursquare and Groupon and LinkedIn and Facebook. Because they know me and do the best to make my day perfect.

That's my point of view about privacy!